Are James Allen lab created diamonds real?

As with other e-commerce jewelry stores, many question the quality of the diamonds (or whether they are real diamonds at all). But rest assured, the diamonds on James Allen are very real and run the gamut of cut, color, carat, clarity, and shape to fit everyone’s budget.

Are James Allen lab diamonds real?

Lab-created diamonds are created in simulated ‘below-ground’ conditions in a lab. They are optically and chemically identical to earth-created diamonds. The only difference between the two is their origin and cost.

Is James Allen lab created diamonds good?

In our updated 2022 James Allen lab-grown diamond review, we re-visit the diamond buying experience. We find that they retain their top spot and we wholly recommend buying with them without any hesitation. James Allen still tops our list of the best places to buy lab-grown diamond jewelry in 2022.

Are lab created diamonds worth anything?

Many traditional jewelers tell customers that Lab Created Diamonds have absolutely no value, but this could not be further from the truth. Most Earth-Mined Diamonds have resale value, and most Lab Created Diamonds will have a similar resale value, as well.

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Why is James Allen cheaper?

Why are James Allen diamonds so inexpensive? James Allen diamonds are affordable because they do not house their own diamonds, they are completely internet-based, and have such a huge inventory. The money they save on overhead allows them to offer lower prices to their customers.

Is James Allen GIA certified?

Is James Allen GIA certified? Yes, sells GIA certified diamonds. James Allen also certifies with AGS or IGI. Each and every diamond they sell is certified by one of these independent agencies.

Which one is better James Allen or Blue Nile?

Winner: James Allen

Blue Nile used to have the largest online diamond inventory, but James Allen has surpassed it in recent years. James Allen has over 330,000 loose diamonds, while Blue Nile carries over 220,000 loose diamonds. Both offer: Diamonds in 10 different shapes.

Is James Allen owned by Jared?

They both have the same parent company. James Allen and Jared have partnered to put in-store displays for James Allen but Jared does not own them. The biggest difference however is that James Allen is basically online, and Jared is your traditional brick and mortar shop.

Is a lab created diamond fake?

Some people may refer to lab created diamonds as “fake diamonds”, imitations or simulants, but this is incorrect. Lab created diamonds share the same or similar chemical and physical properties as a natural diamond produced by the geological processes of Mother Nature.

Can you tell the difference between a lab diamond and a real diamond?

Lab Grown Diamonds are approximately 30-50% less than a Natural Diamond, which means you can purchase a significantly larger diamond and truthfully say it is a diamond. The difference cannot be detected with the naked eye when comparing a Lab Grown Diamond and a Natural Diamond of equal characteristics of the 4 C’s.

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Can a jeweler tell the difference between a lab created diamonds and real diamonds?

On the surface lab created diamonds have the same physical properties as natural diamonds, most jewelers would have a very difficult time identifying a lab grown diamond. They test positive when using a diamond tester as they should, after all the chemical makeup is nearly identical.

Who owns James Allen jewelry?

Signet Jewelers Ltd., No. 112 in the Internet Retailer 2019 Top 1000, owns, as well as, and

Is James Allen ethical?

The company takes ethical sourcing seriously, requiring all partners to abide by strict ethical standards, including the Kimberly Process. They also only source their metal materials through ethical sources. Every single diamond on James Allen is certified conflict-free.

How long does it take to get a ring from James Allen?

Typically James Allen rings will ship in one to three weeks. The biggest factor is the production schedule of the item you choose. You can see the shipping ranges on the detail page of each item. Their rings and diamonds are always carefully inspected prior to being shipped.