Are Kashmir sapphires still mined?

Since then, the land has been under various ownership and direction, and very little has been extracted with the exclusion of the “New Mines” production in 1927. Today, the rarity and scarcity of Kashmir sapphires is undeniable.

Are Kashmir sapphires still being mined?

While some Burmese and Ceylonese sapphires come relatively close in quality, only the Kashmir Sapphire continues its reign of King of the Sapphire World. The extreme rarity of this valuable gemstone surrounds them with an almost mythical allure.

How rare are Kashmir sapphires?

Kashmir sapphires of over 30 carats are very rare. It is being sold alongside a cushion-shaped Kashmir sapphire weighing 25.97 carats and the pair are estimated to fetch $2-3 million.

How much is Kashmir sapphire worth?

There is no upper limit to kashmir sapphires. Auction Prices for Kashmir sapphires have regularly hit above $150,000 per carat (Rs 1 crore per carat). Color – A clean, deep blue often termed as Cornflower blue, is the highly priced color variety of Kashmir Sapphire.

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How can you tell a Kashmir sapphire?

For those of us without a horticultural background, this means a vivid blue color with a hint of purple. It helps to slowly rock the stone in your hand and look for the flashes of color reflected. “Sleepy,” “Velvety,” “Milky,” “Fuzzy,” and “Soft” are all terms used to convey the famous effect of a Kashmir sapphire.

What is the rarest sapphire?

Padparadscha Sapphires are the rarest of sapphires. These extremely rare stones are unknown to most, but when discovered usually become an absolute favorite. They are strikingly beautiful and almost no other colored stone compares to this unique mix of pink and orange.

What’s the most expensive sapphire?

The Blue Belle Of Asia earns the title of the most expensive blue sapphire in the world, after selling for $17,305,996 at Christie’s Geneva in November 2014. This 392.52-carat untreated Ceylon sapphire features a cushion-cut stone that draws your gaze into the depths of its captivating blue prism.

When were Kashmir sapphires discovered?

Sapphire was first discovered in Kashmir around 1880, high up in the Himalayas at about 4,500 meters. The mine was mainly productive during the period bewtween 1882 and 1887, yielding sapphire crystals of exceptional size and quality.

Where is sapphire stone found in J&K?

Kashmir sapphire mines, Pádar, Kishtwar district, Jammu and Kashmir, India. The deposits are in the states of Jammu and Kashmir in northern India. The main sites from which sapphires are extracted, were discovered in 1881 on the southern slope of the Zaskar Range, near the settlement of Sumjam.

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Where do the best quality sapphires come from?

India. The locality considered to produce the finest blue sapphires in the world is Kashmir, India. These amazing stones are mined at 16,500 feet in the Zaskar region. Kashmir blue sapphires are known to have a velvety or sleepy quality that is very desirable.

Are Kashmir sapphires purple?

There shouldn’t be overtones of any other color, especially purple and violet. Gem-Quality Kashmir sapphires should have an even spread of blue color from top to bottom.

Are diamonds found in Kashmir?

In a remote yet beautiful location, high in the Zanskar Range of the Himalayas, is the exclusive terrain that is home to the famous and historic sapphire mines of Kashmir. An Important Sapphire, Diamond and Platinum Ring. … The blue of the finest Kashmir sapphires is referred to in India as the “peacock’s neck.”

How do you tell if a sapphire is real?

To identify if the sapphire is real, stay in total darkness and use a flashlight to test it. If the stone is genuine, light of the same color as the sapphire is reflected. If it is a fake sapphire jewel (usually made of glass) you will be able to see other colors in the crystal.

Are cornflower blue sapphires valuable?

Kashmir cornflower blue sapphires are highly valuable and have a ‘blue velvet’ quality. These gemstones are extremely rare and have an almost legendary attraction to them.

What to look for when buying sapphires?

You want to look for a sapphire that has no inclusions visible to the naked eye. experts look at the size, location and number of inclusions to judge clarity. The less visible the inclusions are, the higher the grade. Cut: The cut is essentially what makes a sapphire really sparkle.

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Are Ceylon sapphires valuable?

The ones originated from the Kashmir mines are the rarest and considered most valuable of them all. This is also due to the fact that the mining was active for only about 40 years between the 1880 and 1920. Next runners up and considered to be the best sapphires today are the ones mined in Sri Lanka.