Are Purple Gem rhododendron perennials?

Do rhododendrons come back every year?

Rhododendrons (Rhododendron spp.) are evergreen perennial shrubs that produce elegant rose-like blooms each year.

How do you take care of a purple gem rhododendron?

Provide organically rich, well-drained, acidic soil. Apply a thick layer of mulch to keep roots cool, avoiding the crown. Avoid harsh afternoon sun exposures and shelter from drying winter winds. Water deeply and regularly during the first growing season to establish an extensive root system.

Is purple gem rhododendron evergreen?

The Purple Gem Rhododendron is a dense-growing, dwarf evergreen shrub valued for its purplish-blue flowers in spring and azalea-like foliage; needs some protection from winter wind.

Where does the purple gem rhododendron grow?

A small leaf, flowering evergreen variety, Purple Gem thrives in acidic, well-drained soil and partial shade conditions in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8.

How do you take care of a rhododendron in the winter?

How to Prepare Rhododendrons for Winter

  1. Add 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the rhododendron to protect the roots. …
  2. Cover the rhododendron plant with an anti-desiccant spray before the first frost arrives. …
  3. Water the plants well until the first frost. …
  4. Protect the rhododendron from strong winter winds with burlap.
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Do rhododendrons flower twice a year?

Rhododendrons are flowering for the second time this year because the unusually warm weather has convinced them Spring has arrived. They are not alone in their confusion, with primroses also blooming early and frogs making their distinctive mating cry.

How fast do purple Passion rhododendron grow?

An abundance of regal, deep reddish purple blooms highlighted with white and delicate maroon spots appear in late spring against glossy dark green, disease resistant foliage.

Rhododendron ‘Purple Passion’ (H-3)

Botanical Pronunciation roh-do-DEN-dron
Growth Habit Rounded
Growth Rate Moderate

How do you plant purple passion rhododendrons?

Rhododendron ‘Purple Passion’

Compact, rounded form creates a handsome hedge, foundation plant or accent in a dappled shade garden. Be sure to use a well drained soil medium when planting Rhododendron as they prefer less watering than you might think.

What does a purple rhododendron look like?

Flowers are openly funnel-shaped with wavy edges & deep reddish-purple coloring at margins shading through purple to reddish-purple in center, with dark red spotting. Leaves are elliptic, flat, have acute apex & are olive green. Has a spreading, open habit. Blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 4 feet tall.

Is there a dwarf rhododendron?

Rhododendron impeditum (H-2)

A dwarf flowering evergreen shrub with a tight, compact form and sensational spring flowers. This tiny plant displays gorgeous clusters of bright purple flowers in late spring. Ideal for cooler regions, with some protection from winter winds.

How do you care for a Nova Zembla rhododendron?

For best results, grow ‘Nova Zembla’ in full sun or partial shade in moist but well-drained, acidic soil. Plants need minimal pruning and can be propagated by layering. Rhododendron ‘Nova Zembla’ is noted for its tolerance of heat and strong sun.

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Is there a blue rhododendron?

There are many rhododendrons with blue leaves, well almost blue, closer to dark greenish blue, but quite evident in the garden among the other shades of green. My favorite blue rhododendron species are: R. campanulatum ssp. aeruginosum, R.

What is a pink rhododendron?

Rhododendron x ‘Roseum Pink’ (H-1)

An upright, rounded, evergreen shrub with glossy, dark green foliage with a sensational mid-spring display of large, rounded trusses of clear pink flowers. Tolerates shade and thrives in cooler regions but benefits from protection from winter winds. Withstands heat and humidity.

Are Rhodies deer resistant?

Rhododendron is a diverse genus with well over 1,000 different species, but in general, rhododendrons are not deer resistant. Azaleas in particular seem to be a favorite among deer. However, some varieties, such as Carolina rhododendron and rosebay rhododendron are less favorable to deer.

How do you plant a blue Baron Rhododendron?

Grow ‘Blue Baron’ in humus rich soil in full or part sun, and morning sun with some afternoon shade has proven ideal . He can tolerate a bit of wind, but we recommend using an anti-dessicant if winter winds are harsh. Like all Rhododendrons, ‘Blue Baron’ is shallow rooted, and will need irrigating during dry spells.