Does Costco have a jewelry department?

Try Costco Next for a more extensive selection of jewelry, watches and sunglasses. Unique to, this innovative category offers our members the freedom to purchase jewelry and accessories from some of our most elite suppliers, while still paying low wholesale prices.

Does Costco still have jewelry in store?

About Costco Jewelry

Costco sells only finished jewelry. No loose stones or semi-mounts are available online or in our warehouses. The majority of our jewelry is available in either 14kt gold, 18kt gold, or 950 platinum, with some items being available in stainless steel and silver.

Is Costco good place to buy jewelry?

Bottom line: Costco can be a good choice if you’re looking for low pricing plus in-person shopping. Overall, Costco diamonds are of decent quality and offer great value, as long as they’re GIA certified. You can find a ring for 50% less than at other big-name jewelry stores.

Is Costco gold jewelry a good deal?

All in all, Costco can be a surprisingly good option for jewelry. And, as per their brand identity, Costco’s jewelry prices are quite fair and affordable too.

What is Costco’s markup on jewelry?

The average gallery markup on fine art is 60%-300%. The average markup on fine jewelry is more than 100% and on wine it’s between 30%-300% depending on whether it’s from a specialty wine store or restaurant. Is Costco a buy?

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Can you buy jewelry at Costco without a membership?

Note that Costco does not provide gift receipts, gift cards, or store credit for items purchased by non-members. Because of this, your only option for returning jewelry as a non-member is to ask the Costco member who purchased the jewelry originally.

Is Costco 14k gold good?

Its strength makes it more durable and scratch resistant, and less likely to bend. 14kt gold wears well, and is often the choice for jewelry that is worn on a daily basis. Each piece of 14kt gold jewelry sold by Costco will be stamped either 14k or 585.