Frequent question: Where is Diamond Island in the Great Sea?

Where is Diamond Island on the sea chart?

This places Diamond Island at the center of the four islands, which is space D3 on your Sea Chart. Sail to that location, and you’ll discover that there is nothing but the huge expanse of the water. Diamond Island, however, lies beneath the sea.

Where do you dive in Diamond Island?

You can find Diamond Island’s location in the mid-upper-right of square D3, at the point directly in the middle of Full Moon (Crescent) Island, Heart Island, Club Island, and Spade Island, by diving below the surface with the D-Pad.

Where are all the islands in the great sea?

The Great Sea is an area you’ll explore after completing the Yellow Streamer location. There are eight required locations to visit — Bonehead Island, Mushroom Island, Club Island, Spade Island, Heart Island, Crescent Moon Island, and finally Sea Tower Island.

How do you get the submarine in Paper Mario?

Go to the museum and a cutscene will begin. The game will cut to the dock and Ode will give you the Sea Chart. Set sail again, this time, with a Submarine in tow. This submarine will allow you to go under water and get all the secrets hidden deep within the Great Sea.

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What do you do with the three orbs in Paper Mario?

With all three orbs in your possession, you can now enter the Sea Tower! Head to space B1 in your Sea Chart and go destroy the Purple Streamer.

How do I get to Diamond Island?

Diamond Island Location in Paper Mario: The Origami King

  1. Step 1: The player will need to arrive at Bonehead Island first. Bonehead Island can be found at 5G on the map. …
  2. Step 2: Head to Full Moon Island at 3F. …
  3. Step 3: Head over to Mushroom Islands at F4. …
  4. Step 4: Head to D3 and dive underwater to find Diamond Island.

How many islands are in the great sea Paper Mario?

The Great Sea is the largest open area you’ll explore while playing Paper Mario The Origami King. There are 11 islands to find, each with toads and collectibles hidden within.

How do you use the diamond key in Paper Mario?

Mario must now dive down in the center between Club Island, Heart Island, Spade Island, and Full Moon Island to find the Diamond Island dome. There is a keyhole in the center. Mario must insert the key and turn it right side up. This pushes the keyhole aside, allowing them to enter and surface inside the dome.

Where is the Diamond Island origami King?

Diamond Island is located in the Great Sea area of Paper Mario The Origami King. Heading to the four islands (Spade, Heart, Club, Moon) near the top of the map will allow you to piece together a clue as to where you can find Diamond Island.

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Do you have to beat scuffle Island?

You always have the option of leaving before a fight, keeping what you earned at that point. You’re fighting Paper Macho enemies here. Completing the entire run will not only get you 31,600 coins, but also the Ring Champion Trophy.