How do you get to Diamond Valley Lake?

How much does it cost to get into Diamond Valley Lake?

You need a $11 parking/vehicle entry fee. You will also need a $9 Fishing Access Pass and $4 shoreline fee. No reservation is required; you can pay for all of those items at the gate when you arrive. If the gate is closed, you will be directed to check in and pay at the marina store.

Can you visit Diamond Valley Lake?

Boating and fishing are available year-round. To support the reservoir’s recreational values and protect drinking water quality, Metropolitan established rules and regulations for visitors, recreational users, and boaters at Diamond Valley Lake.

What days is Diamond Valley Lake open?

Hours: Wednesday through Sunday 6:30am to 4:15pm (all boats off the water @ 3:15).

Can you swim in Diamond lake?

Diamond Lake Beach is a recreational destination for swimming, boating, boat and shelter rentals, special events, and more. Enjoy Diamond Lake Beach’s sandy shoreline, great swimming (complete with a floating SportsPark-available 2022), kids’ playground on the sand, shaded picnic areas, and more.

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Do you need a fishing license for Diamond Valley Lake?

Diamond Valley Lake is famous for its bass fishing. The lake is home to both largemouth and smallmouth bass, stripers, rainbow trout, bluegill, sunfish, catfish, and carp. All anglers must purchase a $3 Fishing Access Permit. Smallmouth bass are catch and release.

Are Ebikes allowed at Diamond Valley Lake?

There’s a new way to bike around Diamond Valley Lake. Visitors to the reservoir south of Hemet can now rent e-bikes for the 22.7-mile scenic ride around the Lakeview Trail.

Can you ski on Diamond Valley Lake?

Diamond Valley Lake is one of the newest reservoirs in Southern California. Because it serves as a drinking water supply, no water contact is allowed in the lake. That means no swimming, wading, water-skiing, etc. Restrictions limit the types of boats, engines, and fuels which may be used on the lake.

Is Diamond Lake Lodge Open?

Diamond Lake Resort has evolved from a small fishing lodge built in the 1920s, to a modern family resort that offers year-round service.

At a Glance.

Current Conditions: 12/16/2021: Open
Open Season: Year-round
Usage: Medium-Heavy
Closest Towns: Roseburg, OR; Medford, OR
Water: Yes

What kind of fish is in Diamond Valley Lake?

Look for big catfish in Diamond Valley Lake’s deep coves and near the dam, where they often hole up in shady spots and near submerged brush piles and woody cover. Natural baits like anchovies and nightcrawlers are used to catch catfish; just be sure to keep your bait close to the bottom.

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Where is Diamond Valley Lake located?

Diamond Valley Lake, located in Hemet is one of the largest man-made reservoirs in Southern California with a capacity of 800,000 acre-feet, 260 ft deep and over 4,500 surface acres.

How long is Diamond Valley Lake?

It is a favorite summer spot for fishing (rainbow trout), hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding. In the winter it is famous for skiing, snowboarding and tubing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. All year round it is a wonderful place to take in the beauty of nature and of Crater Lake National Park.