How does Darl describe jewel?

Through these lines, Darl describes Jewel’s features as pale, wooden, and rigid as he walks clearly separated from Darl. Not only does this description identify Jewel as lacking emotion or obvious feelings, but it also shows Jewel’s division from Darl.

How is Jewel described in As I Lay Dying?

In general, Jewel is an independent, solitary man of action, and these traits put him in an antagonistic relationship with the introspective Darl.

How is Jewel characterized?

Jewel is repeatedly characterized by his affinity for these creatures. And, because it’s Jewel, we’re talking tough love. He’s rough with the horses, but that’s what tames them. His abilities set him apart from the others in the novel, establishing Jewel as a loner – as if we didn’t know that already.

Who is jewel As I Lay Dying?

Jewel Bundren – Jewel is the third of the Bundren children, most likely around nineteen years of age. A half-brother to the other children and the favorite of Addie, he is the illegitimate son of Addie and Reverend Whitfield. Most, if not all, of the characters other than Addie seem unaware of this.

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Why is jewels mother a horse?

Darl’s taunt that Jewel’s mother is a horse indicates that Jewel devotes all the love he possesses for his mother on the horse. … And since she did reject Darl, this is represented in Darl’s sense of rejection by his mother.

What does Darl want in As I Lay Dying?

Darl registers his objection to the entire burial outing by apparently abandoning his mother’s coffin during the botched river-crossing, and by setting fire to Gillespie’s barn with the eight-day-old corpse inside. Another consequence of Darl’s philosophical nature is his alienation from the community around him.

Why does Darl burn the barn?

In the early part of this section, Darl tells Vardaman that he heard his mother asking to be hidden from the sight of man. This is one of the motivating reasons behind Darl’s decision to burn the barn. It can be assumed that Darl saw through the ridiculousness and absurdity of the entire procession.

How old is cash in As I Lay Dying?

1. Robert Parker, in Faulkner and the Novelistic Imagination, estimates the ages of the Bundren children (except for Vardaman) as follows: Dewey Dell, seventeen; Jewel, eighteen; Darl, twenty- seven or twenty- eight; Cash, over twenty- eight (25 – 26).

Why did Jewel go to Jefferson?

Jewel views the trip to Jefferson as a way to fulfill his mother’s wish, while a detached Darl views it as ridiculous and time consuming, costing the Bundren family what little they do have. Jewel’s grief manifests itself as anger, and Darl’s inability to come to terms with Addie’s death leads him deeper into despair.

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Is Jewel a bundren?

Jewel seems to have the most violent nature of all the Bundrens. However, Jewel is not a Bundren since his father was the preacher Whitfield.

What happens to Jewel’s horse in As I Lay Dying?

Jewel demands that Vernon lend his mule to them. Jewel leads the river cross on his horse. He is thrown into the water and separated from his horse.

Why does Jewel sell his horse in As I Lay Dying?

This trade is significant, as the money from Anse’s pilfering of Cash’s gramophone fund and the sale of Jewel’s horse represents the sacrifice of these characters’ greatest dreams.

What does the coffin symbolize in As I Lay Dying?

The coffin symbolizes the sense of weight and lack of balance (literally and figuratively) that the Bundrens take on by carting Addie all the way to Jefferson to be buried.

How does Darl react to his mothers death?

He copes with, or ignores, the death of his mother by absorbing himself in the construction of her coffin. This fixation with building does not stop when the coffin is finished, and we see Cash fretting over the imbalance of the coffin and bringing his toolbox to the funeral.

How does Darl describe the river?

Darl’s description of the river episode is imbued with religious significance. He refers to the scene as “the wasted world,” which likens the Bundrens’ journey to Biblical referents, particularly the image of hell.

Who sells jewels horse in As I Lay Dying?

When Anse ultimately trades Jewel’s horse in for a new team of mules, it is as though he is trying to strip Jewel of his independence and make him feel a sense of duty to the family.

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