How much is an enchanted diamond block worth?

Enchanted Diamond Blocks sell for 204,800 coins, making them very valuable. The price converts to 8 coins per diamond.

How much are diamonds for enchanted diamond?

160x Diamonds are required to craft an Enchanted Diamond.

How rare is a enchanted diamond in islands?

Four diamond rocks spawn upon killing Kor. Each diamond rock that spawns has a 2% chance of being enchanted.

What are enchanted diamonds used for?

Enchanted Diamond Blocks retail for 204,800 coins, making them one of the most valuable blocks in the game. The price converts to 8 coins per diamond, and is also an extremely stable source of trading through items as the price of these are constantly very close to the merchant value at the Bazaar.

How much do enchanted snow blocks sell for?

When sold to the Bazaar, normal snow blocks will sell for more than Enchanted Snow Blocks when comparing their price per snowball, meaning if each snow block sells for 7 coins and each enchanted snow block sells for 591 coins (these values can very well change), each snowball will cost 3 coins if selling snow blocks …

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How much iron is in a enchanted iron block?

Item Metadata

and is crafted with 160 Iron Ingots (2 1/2 stacks or 160). They can be used to upgrade Iron Minions and craft useful items like the Golem Sword and Enchanted Hopper. It can also be obtained as a Great Catch from fishing.

What is the best weapon in Roblox Islands?

Weapon stats

Name Base damage Other damage
Cutlass 18 HP +9 HP (critical)
Aquamarine Sword 18 HP +9 HP (critical)
Cactus Spike 25 HP +12.5 HP (critical)
Diamond Great Sword 28 HP +14 HP (critical)

How much is a diamond minion XI worth?

Selling a Tier 11 Diamond Minion (Max) 364,592 Diamonds X 8 $ (cost of a diamond) = 2,916,736 $ to make.

How do you get hardened diamond armor?

Hardened Diamond Armor is crafted out of 24 Enchanted Diamonds or 3,840 diamonds (60 stacks). The recipe is enchanted diamonds in the same form as used to make traditional Minecraft armor.

How do you make an enchanted eye of Ender?

It can be crafted with Blaze Powder and Enchanted Ender Pearls, and can also drop from Enderchest Zealots.

What can you do with enchanted Emerald?

Usage. The Enchanted Emerald Block can be used as a Crafting ingredient, a material to upgrade Minion, sold to Bazaar, auctioned on the Auction House, traded with other players, and sold to Merchants.