Quick Answer: Where can I pray at Jewel?

The closest prayer facility available is technically in Terminal 1 which is connected to Jewel, however, we do note that the prayer room is located within the transit area (on level 3 at the Departure Transit area) and that the room is a multi-religious prayer room.

Where can I find Solat in jewel?

There is an unofficial prayer area at “M&E Riser” Room beside #B1-220 (Aptimos Shop). Shared for muslimah and muslimin. Please bring your own telekung and prayer mat. – For patrons of Four Seasons Restaurant, there is also a prayer room but do note that you’ll need to take your ablution at the nearest washroom.

Where can I pray in Changi Village?

There is a musollah available at Rasa Sayang (Changi outlet). 1. From the entrance of Rasa Sayang, walk towards the left of the North Indian Cuisine & Rojak stall. 2.

Where can I pray in Changi Airport?

The Terminal 3 Departure Kerbside (Public) stop is the nearest one to Prayer Room @ Terminal 3 Changi Airport in Singapore.

Where can I pray in Terminal 3?

Changi Airport Terminal 3 (T3) Transit Area Musollah

  • Turn left (towards the Cosmetics and Transfer A) till you see MCM on your left. …
  • Walk past the ATMs, turn right and walk past the toilets. …
  • After walking apx 20 metres, you will see Meditation room then followed by the Prayer Room (02-MS-40).
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Where can I pray at Terminal 1?

We seek your contribution to built a musollah at Changi Airport Terminal 1 as we receive feedbacks that the musollah available to only in the transit area. The nearest mosque is Masjid Al-Istighfar. Muslims occasionally find themselves pray in one quiet corner.

Where can I pray at Tampines Hub?

Having a meal at Tampines Mall or Our Tampines Hub and need to do your prayers? Then head over to the musollah at Tampines Mall level 3! It’s located near the toilet and lift lobby area near H&M. Enter the lift lobby and walk past the toilets and you’ll see the musollah.

Where can I Solat at vivocity?

​VIVOCITY (Harbourfront Walk, S098585)

There is a musollah at staircase 27. > Keep walking towards the toilet and the space for prayers is through door “Stair 27”.

Where can I pray at Orchard?

Orchard Hotel

If you’re walking along the busy streets of Orchard Road and need a place to stop by for prayers, you can visit Orchard Hotel’s musollah. It’s located at Basement 3 of the carpark so you’ll have to take the lift down from the hotel lobby to Basement 2 before turning right and following the ramp down.

Do airports have prayer rooms?

Since then, airports all over the country have added spaces for prayer, worship and meditation. While most airport chapels are designated as interfaith spaces, some airports provide facilities for specific religious groups.