What is diamond cutting called?

Bruting is the art of cutting a diamond round. In the modern era diamonds are rounded using either a laser, a diamond disk impregnated with diamonds, or two diamonds cutting against each other. Industrial diamonds can also be used for bruting a diamond round.

What is the first cut of a diamond called?

The table cut was the first major faceting technique to be used. Followed by the step cut. The precursor to the emerald cut diamond, which wouldn’t be called that until the 1940s. It was during the 15th century that it was discovered that diamonds could be cut by their own dust!

What is square diamond cut called?

Princess Cut Diamond

The most popular of the fancy shapes, Princess Cut diamonds are also known as square cut diamonds.

What is a Russian cut diamond?

A Russian cut diamond is one that has been mined in Russia, but was also cut there. The Russian Government does not allow for the import or export of diamonds in their rough form, and thus all diamonds mined in Russia must be cut there to be used for import or export purposes that keep the economy flowing.

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What are fancy cut diamonds?

A fancy cut diamond is any diamond shape other than a round brilliant. The most popular fancy cut diamonds sold today are asscher cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, heart shaped, marquise shaped, oval shaped, pear shaped, princess cut, and radiant cut, but there are many others.

What is Carre cut?

The Carre cut is based on cutting straight facets shaped like steps, as opposed to polishing triangular shapes, which are used for polishing Round, Marquise, Pear, Heart, and other diamonds.

What is emerald cut diamond?

An emerald cut diamond typically consists of 57 facets and boasts an elongated rectangular shape with cut-off corners–its appearance is commanding. Instead of the brilliance and sparkle you’re used to with round or cushion diamonds, you’ll see flashes of light in the emerald cut due to its linear, straight facets.

What is diamond princess cut?

The princess-cut diamond is characterised by its geometric, sharp square shape. A contemporary cut, with angular, strong lines, it has a pyramidal shape, with four bevelled sides.

What is Indian cut diamond?

Indian Cut Diamonds or Indian Diamonds are cut from low quality raw diamonds. Raw diamonds that are raw in texture or are not symmetrical will usually be sent to India to be cut because of their low wages. Their skills are considerably lower than those who make the ideal cut diamonds.

What is moissanite vs diamond?

In general, moissanite has more brilliance than a diamond. “It has more fire and brilliance than any other gemstone, meaning it has more sparkle,” reveals O’Connell. “Because moissanite is double refractive, it is cut differently than diamonds to enhance the sparkle.”

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What is a Swarovski diamond?

Swarovski Diamonds are in fact Simulated Diamonds that are made by Swarovski and called their Pure Brilliance Collection. It is the first simulated diamond to adhere to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) rigorous standards for grading diamond cut quality.

Is emerald cut is fancy cut?

The emerald cut isn’t as fiery or sparkling as most other cuts. Instead, it reflects light in sheets, creating a clean, elegant look. However, since it has the largest table of all fancy gem cuts, it’s also the least forgiving of inclusions. Any flaw will be clearly visible, and white diamonds will also show any color.

What is cushion cut diamond?

Cushion cut diamonds are shaped like a square with cut corners (or a cushion), just like old mine cut diamonds, but they feature modern brilliant cut faceting. Because cushion cut diamonds evolved from this ancient diamond shape, they’re thought of as a vintage style.

What is the best cut diamond for sparkle?

The most brilliant, or sparkliest, diamond cut is the round brilliant cut. Round brilliant diamonds are cut to have 58 facets (including the culet), allowing light to enter the diamond and reflect off of every facet to create a beautiful sparkle.