What is New Jersey state mineral rock or gem?

What is New Jersey State mineral?

Franklinite is dark black, has a reddish brown streak and a metallic luster. It is found in massive, granular and, occasionally, in crystallized forms. The crystal system is cubic (isometric) and the mineral is slightly magnetic. Specimens are still collected at Franklin and Sterling Hill.

What is New Jersey’s rock?

Franklinite is multicolored (black, white, rust) and found in and around Franklin, New Jersey. It contains zinc, iron, and manganese.

What is the state rock?

In 1979 granite was designated as the official state rock.

Does NJ have a state rock?

Although New Jersey does not have a state rock, gemstone or mineral, amethyst is found readily throughout the state.

What is Jersey Stone?

3/8″ Jersey Shore gravel is often referred to as yellow round stones. It is extremely popular in the Tri-State Area because of its distinctive look and feel. You’ll find 3/8″ yellow round stones in shades of gold, yellow, tan and beige.

What is the state tree of New Jersey?

Governor Alfred E. Driscoll and the State Assembly selected Quercus rubra, Northern Red Oak, as the state tree on June 13, 1950. This stately tree was chosen to represent New Jersey for its strength, dignity, structural beauty, and long life.

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What is New Jersey’s state insect?

State Bug – The Honeybee

The honey bee became the state bug when the Legislature enacted the bill, A-671, and Gov. Brendan T. Byrne signed it on June 20, 1974.

What is New Jersey state animal?

Equus caballus, the scientific name for the horse, became our official state animal in 1977.

What is New York state rock?

Garnet is the official New York State Gem.

What are the state minerals?

Gold – California State Mineral – State legislation signed on April 23,1965 designated native gold as California’s official state mineral.

What states have gemstones?

Gemstones By State

State Gem or Gemstones Rock or Stone
Alaska Jade
Arizona Turquoise Petrified Wood
Arkansas Diamond Bauxite
California Benitoite Serpentine

What gems are found in NJ?

The most commonly found gems and minerals found in central New Jersey are axinite, prehnite, datolite, quartz, pyrite, and agate.

Are there diamonds in New Jersey?

There’s nothing quite like them, except perhaps New Jersey’s own Cape May Diamond. This is a tumbled, uncut diamond. Diamonds have the highest hardness of any natural material. They are rated a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness.

Where can I find rocks in New Jersey?

Rocks & Minerals in New Jersey

  • Franklin Mineral Museum, Franklin.
  • Meadowlands Museum, Rutherford.
  • Morris Museum, Morristown.
  • Paterson Museum, Paterson.
  • Rutgers Geology Museum, New Brunswick.
  • Stirling Hill Mine and Museum, Ogdensburg.
  • Stone Museum, Monroe Township.
  • Trailside Nature Center, Watchung.