What is untreated gem?

Untreated gemstones are those that are not altered or enhanced in any way. They remain in the same form as when they were extracted from the earth. These gemstones remain in their original form and only get polished and cut to be used as jewelry accessories.

What gemstones are not treated?

Untreated Orange, Brown, and Rose Zircon Gemstones

While the popular blue zircon is heat treated, there are natural zircon gems that are not treated in any way. These include brown, rose, rose-orange and golden orange zircon gemstones. Note that yellow and white zircon is almost always heat treated.

Are all gemstones heat treated?

Not at all, heating gemstones have nothing to do with whether the gem is genuine or not. Many consider the treatment as an extension of the natural process. As long as the seller is transparent, and the color by heating is permanent (which it usually is), heat treatment is widely accepted in the gemstone industry.

What does untreated ruby mean?

Unheated Ruby is classified as Natural Ruby that has not been heat treated. These natural rubies are known to be quite easy to identify as compared to the unheated rubies, as it has natural inclusions that are 10 times visible when seen using a microscope.

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How can you tell if a gemstone is heat treated?

Heat treatment is a very risky process as many gems have inclusions that expand at a different rate and cause stress fractures, which then becomes an identifying characteristic of heated gems, particularly sapphire and ruby which can display halos around inclusions within the gem.

What does irradiated mean in jewelry?

All diamonds have been exposed to natural radiation over the millennia before man unearthed them, so all colored diamonds have been “irradiated.” Irradiated diamonds are genuine diamonds that exhibit an intense color change such as blue, pink, green, etc., after being exposed to a strong radiation treatment.

Why are gems irradiated?

The gemstone irradiation is a process in which a gemstone is artificially irradiated in order to enhance its optical properties. High levels of ionizing radiation can change the atomic structure of the gemstone’s crystal lattice, which in turn alters the optical properties within it.

What is an untreated sapphire?

In very short detail, an untreated sapphire is one that has been taken from the ground and then faceted. Nothing at all was done to the stone to alter the natural beauty, which only elements and process in the earth created naturally. These sapphires are exceptionally more rare and valuable.

Can you heat treat gemstone at home?

The best tool for heating gems is a computer-controlled burnout furnace . It allows for very gradual changes in temperature. This reduces thermal shock, which can destroy some gems. If you don’t have access to a computer-controlled oven, you can try other methods.

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Are treated rubies real?

It’s a permanent treatment, these gems are formed under tremendous heat and pressure in nature, so it a continuation of the heating that occurs in nature. It is rare to find a polished ruby or sapphire that has not had heat treatment. Heat treatment does not alter the makeup of the Stone.

Are heat treated rubies worth anything?

You should assume your ruby is heated. Rubies that have a report from an independent laboratory like GIA confirming there is no evidence of heat command a premium due to their rarity. Rubies that have been diffused or are glass filled are worth less than heated rubies.

How can you tell if a ruby is untreated?

Natural Ruby that are NOT heated or treated are quite easy to distinguish. If they have natural inclusions inside that you can see through a microscope and normal 10 times (10x) magnification loupe.

What is unheated gemstone?

Unheated sapphires and untreated sapphires are one and the same as no treatment can be applied to a sapphire without the help of heat treatment. Unheated sapphires mean the sapphire is natural and it has not been enhanced by any form of heat treatment or any other treatment.

What is the difference between heated and unheated gemstones?

The difference between Unheated and Heated Sapphire is like the difference between processed and natural food. Natural food is always healthier than processed food. The heat-treated Sapphire lost its effectiveness almost to zero.

Is all tanzanite heat-treated?

All tanzanite has to be heated in order to have its distinctive blue color. A very small percentage of tanzanite is excavated already blue; the result of natural heating underground. The rest is heated artificially after it is mined, to remove any brown in the stone – which may be veiling the blue color.

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