Where can I mine black soul gems?

Locations. . Black soul gems can also be obtained by mining geode veins, found only in Blackreach. With Dawnguard, they can also now be made from grand and greater soul gems by activating the Lightning Attractor in the Soul Cairn.

Where can I get a black soul gem for Falion?

Once a soul gem is acquired from one necromancer, simply cast Soul trap on another necromancer to fill it up to make Fort Snowhawk the one stop shop. Return to Morthal and speak with Falion, giving him the filled black soul gem.

Where can I mine soul gems?

Black soul gems can be mined at levels as low as 18. Some geode veins provide corundum ore, while at least one corundum ore vein (near the Tower of Mzark exit, at a Falmer camp) provides soul gems.

Where can I find black soul gems in Oblivion?


  1. Black Soul Gems can be found randomly on Necromancers, as well as in chests. However, the drop rate is low.
  2. One is given to the Hero during the quest Confront the King.

Where is Falion located in Skyrim?

Falion is a Redguard mage in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim who resides in Morthal.

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What is dawn in Skyrim?

Technically speaking, Skyrim considers dawn to begin at 5AM. That said, Falion begins making his way to your meeting place at around 3AM. He will then remain at the meeting place until 7AM. Additionally, weddings (though stated as between dawn and dusk) take place between the business hours of 8AM to 8PM.

Who sells Black Soul Gems Skyrim?

They are as powerful as Grand Soul Gems, and can also capture lesser souls. These can often be found in dungeons with necromancers, the College of Winterhold quests, they are also sold by Enthir in the College of Winterhold and Falion in Morthal.

Which souls are grand Skyrim?

Dragon Priest, Draugr Death Overlord, Falmer Shadowmaster, Falmer Warmonger, Gargoyle Sentinel, Guardian Saerek, Keeper, King Olaf-One-Eye and Mammoth are the ones that have grand soul.

What is geode vein in Skyrim?

Geode Vein. Geode veins can be mined to extract soul gems and Corundum Ore. A pickaxe is required to mine the ore.

Do geode veins Respawn?

Each vein geode produces gems of the corresponding type with a small chance of a flawless gem. Once a geode has been mined, it becomes depleted and cannot be immediately mined again, however, the ore will eventually respawn though the period is not currently known.

Where are sapphire geodes in Skyrim?

Sapphire GeodeEdit

Location Geodes Details
Solstheim 2 Northwest of Frostmoon Crag, near a shrine of Zenithar
Solstheim 2 South of the main entrance to White Ridge Sanctum, outside the shack which houses the trapdoor to the Imbuing Chamber
Highpoint Tower 4 Two in the northwestern chamber, two in the spider’s nest,
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