Your question: Who were the singers in the group the Diamonds?

Who is still alive from The Diamonds?

Most recently, Somerville performed “Dave Somerville Original Lead Singer of The Diamonds,” and received entry to five music halls of fame, along with a nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He is survived by his wife Denise, son David Orlando and grandson Chilao.

Who are the original members of The Diamonds?

The Diamonds, a Canadian vocal quartet that also featured original members Ted Kowalski, Phil Levitt and Bill Reed, were “discovered” by legendary Cleveland D.J. Dr. Bill Randle, who led them to a recording contract with Mercury Records in 1956.

Is Dave Somerville still alive?

They were most noted for interpreting and introducing rhythm and blues vocal group music to the wider pop music audience. Contrary to a popular myth, the father of Tom Hanks was never a member of the group.

Who was the lead singer of the little darlings?

Little Darlin’

“Little Darlin'”
Song by Elvis Presley
Length 1:56
Label RCA Records
Songwriter(s) Maurice Williams

Where were the group the diamonds from?

The Diamonds, four gentlemen from Toronto, Canada, were one of the most popular singing groups of the 1950s. This versatile group was signed to Mercury Records and was designated to cover the recordings of black artists, as was often the practice in those days because many radio stations wouldn’t play “black” songs.

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What was Tom Hanks father’s name?

The first two Diamonds introduced in the series are the vindictive, impatient, and disdainful Yellow Diamond (voiced by Patti LuPone) and the depressive and sentimental Blue Diamond (voiced by Lisa Hannigan).

What happened to Dave Summerville?

Death. Somerville died of pancreatic cancer in Santa Barbara, California on July 14, 2015 at the age of 81.