Best answer: What should I get engraved on Jewellery?

What should I engrave on jewelry for myself?

Engraving Ideas for Yourself

  • Tell your story.
  • Never Surrender!
  • Carpe Diem.
  • Be a Warrior.
  • Do it. End of story.
  • Do or do not.
  • Think BIG.
  • Have Courage.

What is a good message to engrave?

Best Engraving Quotes for Anniversaries

  • The best is yet to come.
  • Love means forever.
  • Always and forever.
  • You’re still the one.
  • Forever yours.
  • For all time.
  • Life partner.
  • Let’s grow old together.

What should I get engraved on a locket?

What To Engrave On a Locket:

  • Family, Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends.
  • Love You To The Moon and Back.
  • Home is Where The Heart is.
  • All You Need is Love.
  • Love is Family.

What should my bracelet say?

The top 4 things your medical bracelet needs to say are: condition, meds / allergies, name, and emergency contacts. For a child, add multiple contact information!

What to get engraved on a ring for yourself?

Here are the popular things to engrave on a promise ring.

  • Special dates and times.
  • Sayings that are special to you.
  • Each others names.
  • Couples Initials.
  • Symbols like hearts or infinity.
  • Special years.
  • Nicknames.
  • Special locations.

Is things engraved closing?

Nearly 300 workers lost their jobs last week when Things Engraved, a company that sold personalized gifts and engraving services in malls across Canada, announced that it would be closing all of its 73 stores.

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What do people get engraved on their stethoscopes?

In-house laser engraving

Make your stethoscope unique by combining letters to special symbols and characters like caduceus, stars, hearts, zodiac symbols and much more. Below you will find real life examples of laser engraved stethoscopes!

How long does it take to engrave jewelry?

It can take as little as a couple of hours or less but more complicated pieces or engravings can take longer. However, speak to your jeweler for a more accurate time frame, but Quick Jewelry Repairs have a turn around of one business day regardless of complicated jewelry.