Can you cut gems by hand?

Try your hand at cutting and polishing rough or uncut gems. You can decide what shape to make the gem and how many facets it should have. To make a detailed, sparkling gem, use a faceting machine with laps for grinding and polishing.

Is gem cutting difficult?

Of course you can! There are several steps to put 57 facets on a gem, but none of them are difficult. Cutting your first round brilliant is really the hardest step, since you have to learn all the new controls and procedures. At first, you’ll need six to eight hours.

What tools are used to cut gems?

Table of Contents:

  • The Rock Hammer.
  • Cutting a Kerf.
  • Cutting Rough Stones: Saws for Fragile Gems. Slab and Trim Saws. Diamond Blades. Mud Saws. Feeding A Saw. Feeding a Trim Saw. Holding the Stone. Trimming Facet Rough. When a Stone is Too Big. Lubricating Your Saw. Cleaning Your Saw.
  • Tile Nippers for Fragile Gems.
  • Grinders.

How long does it take to cut a gemstone?

Smaller simpler designs maybe four to five hours a stone. Medium sort of stones about five to eight hours while other stones can take 2 or more days. Some stones like sapphires simply take a little longer to do because it is a hard stone. Big stones with big facets can take alot longer to polish.

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How do you facet gems by hand?


  1. Lay the lowest grade sandpaper (the 180 grit) out onto the chopping board rough side up. …
  2. Pour a small amount of water onto the centre of the sandpaper.
  3. Polish the stone by rubbing the gemstone over with the sandpaper and water to create a smooth facet.

Is gem Cutting profitable?

So the answer is yes, profit is quite good on this rough/cut stone. Even at the lowest rate I list which is $180/ct… with a cost of $97.50/ct the profit is very close to 100%. Of course if you yield higher or lower you will need to use the correct percentage figure, but you get the idea.

How much does it cost to have a gem cut?

Stone Cutting Prices at Foggy Mountain Gem Mine in Boone NC

Type Single Two or More
Sapphire $60 $50/each
Aquamarine $50 $40/each
Garnet $50 $40/each
Amethyst $35 $25/each

How do you cut rocks without a saw?

Since diamond saws are very expensive, a suitable alternative for cutting rocks is to use a Dremel drill, which provides sufficient quality at an affordable price. Other options for cutting rocks are Geologist’s Hammer, Chisel, or Grinders.