Do Hilton Diamond members get late check out?

Platinum: “Extend your stay until 2 pm with a late checkout request.” Diamond: “Extend your stay until 4 pm with a late checkout request.”

Do Hilton Honors members get late check out?

Late check-out must be requested and is subject to availability.

What time is checkout for Hilton Diamond members?

Guarantee Diamond members 1pm checkout. No questions asked. Not all will take advantage, especially if they have an early flight or leave early.

What time is late check out for Hilton Honors members?

The late check out for a Hilton Honors member is free upon availability, 15:00 the latest. If you need to secure the room until 18:00, we can do this with additional charge (50% of the Best Available Rate of the category booked).

Can Hilton Diamond members check-in early?

Early check-in is subject to hotel availability and cannot be guaranteed. We recommend contacting the hotel and they will do their best to accommodate your request.

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How long is Hilton Diamond status?

Status match

As of February 2022, these are the status match offers from Hilton Honors: Gold status match: Stay seven nights in 90 days to keep your status through March 31, 2024. Diamond status upgrade: Stay 12 nights in 90 days to get your status upgraded to Diamond through March 31, 2024.

Do Hilton Diamond members get free upgrades?

Hilton Honors Diamond members are entitled to room upgrades, though individual hotels have a lot of discretion. As the terms explain, Hilton Honors Diamond members may receive upgrades to preferred rooms, and that may include upgrades to junior, standard, or one-bedroom suites.

Do Diamond members get free breakfast?

When selected as a MyWay Benefit by a Gold or Diamond Member, daily complimentary continental breakfast is provided for the Member and up to one additional guest registered to the same room each day of Member’s stay. Breakfast is only served in the hotel’s designated restaurant or Executive Lounge.

How do you get Hilton Diamond status?

How to Qualify for Elite Status — The Traditional Way

  1. Member (non-elite) — no annual stay or earning requirement.
  2. Silver — 4 stays, 10 nights, or 10,000 Hilton Honors base points.
  3. Gold — 20 stays, 40 nights, or 75,000 Hilton Honors base points.
  4. Diamond — 30 stays, 60 nights, or 120,000 Hilton Honors base points.

How do you get Hilton Honors Diamond status?

To use this perk, you must have been a Hilton Diamond Elite member for a minimum of three years and stayed at least 250 lifetime nights or earned at least 500,000 base points; this perk may only be used once. You must also manually submit the Hilton Diamond status extension request.

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Do Hilton Diamond members get free parking?

Parking is not free to Hilton Diamond members.

How many nights do you need for Hilton Diamond?

Yes — gifting status will remain a Diamond benefit, but it now requires less nights! Once reaching 30 nights in 2021, a Member will be able to gift Gold status; upgrading that status to Diamond will be achieved once they stay 60 nights in the year.

Do Diamond members pay resort fees?

In Las Vegas, resort fees are rampant, but Diamond or Seven Stars members within the Caesars Rewards program don’t pay resort (or parking) fees at casinos such as Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Harrah’s, Bally’s, etc.

How early can you check in Hilton?

At 6 am the day before you arrive for your stay you can begin the Hilton online check in process in the Hilton Honors app or online at the Hilton site. What is this? You will need to login with your Hilton Honors account information to see your stay.

What is Hilton Gold status?

Gold status is the middle elite tier in the Hilton Honors program. Members earn Gold status in 2 ways. One way is to have 20 stays, 40 nights, or 75,000 base points in a calendar year ($7,500 in spend), or 10 stays, 20 nights, or 37,500 base points in 2022.

Do Hilton Honors points expire?

All that being said, Hilton points will expire 24 months from the time of last eligible activity. Hilton has paused the expiration of points in 2021 and 2022. If your points were due to expire this year or next, they’ll instead stay valid until Dec.

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