How do I pay my GeM caution?

How should I pay the caution money? The Caution Money is to be paid online through GeM Portal. The user Manual for the online modality can be viewed at following Link – Caution Money.

How do I pay caution money on GeM?

How to pay caution money:

  1. Login to GeM Portal.
  2. Click on Dashboard.
  3. Click on Manage Caution Money Account.
  4. You will be redirected to ‘Add Account’ Page.
  5. Select the Bank Account either Axis Bank or ICICI Bank ( Please note this not related to your current/saving bank account. …
  6. Check the terms and condition.

Is caution money in GeM refundable?

Government Fee for GeM Portal

But caution money deposits come into play when a seller registers in the GeM portal. This caution/security is needed to be deposited which can be refunded completely.

How do I pay my GeM portal?

Procedure for Payments

On dispatch/ delivery of Goods and/or Services, the Seller / Supplier shall prepare an electronic Invoice cum Bill, digitally signed, on GeM portal and shall submit on-line to the Buyer and DDO/PAO. mode of dispatch of goods, dispatched!

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How do I check my caution money on GeM?

Please refer to clause 27 of GeM GTC to view the Caution Money Policy.

What is meant by caution deposit?

LAW. an amount of money that someone has to pay when they rent property, use a service, etc. which will not be returned if they damage something or owe money at the end of their contract: Each new student is required to pay a deposit of $300 as caution money on first registration.

How do I login to gems?

GeM Login – ARXSSO Login

  1. Go to SSO GeM portal. The official website of GeM SSO Login can be reached by clicking the login button on website. …
  2. Enter your GeM user ID. …
  3. Enter captcha code. …
  4. Verify by clicking on Submit. …
  5. Post verification, enter your GeM password. …
  6. Login into GeM portal.

What is caution money in college?

The caution money is collected ostensibly as a security for the tuition fee of a year. If a students fails to deposit his tuition fee, the same can be adjusted against the caution money. However, this is to be refunded, once the student leaves the school.

How can I upload TDS certificate to GeM?

Follow these steps to upload your TDS statement.

  1. Step 1: First of all, in e-Filing Homepage, you have to click on “Login Here”.
  2. Step 2: Here, you have to enter the User ID (TAN), password, captcha and then, click Login.
  3. Step 3: After login, you click on TDS and then click, Upload TDS.
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How do I apply for a refund of caution money?

Sir, I am writing this letter for return of my security cheque of Caution Money, that I deposited in the college account while taking admission as that amount is refundable, I want that amount so that it will help in paying for my higher education. I hope my cheque will be processed within 2-3 working days. Thank you.

Can an individual buy from GeM?

The purchases through GeM by Government users have been authorized and made mandatory by Ministry of Finance by adding a new Rule No. 149 in the General Financial Rules, 2017. The platform can be accessed at

What should I do when key person validation fails on GeM?

Please send a mail to with your registered email id or mobile number along with the details of …

How do I pay a transaction fee on GeM?

The transaction charge will be different for different thresholds.

Annual Milestone Charge in GeM.

Product Order Value(₹) Transaction Fee Slab(₹)
Order ≥200 Cr. 0.5% for 50cr (25 lacs) + 0.4% for next 50 Cr. (20 lacs) + 0.3% for next 100 Cr. (30 lacs) + 0.2% of value above 200 Cr.

How do you unblock funds on GeM portal?

Once the Purchase Order gets finalized by the Buyer in GeM Portal, the duly Blocked Fund cannot be unblocked but only be modified from one Head of Account to another and/or from one Scheme to another subject to availability of fund under that Head of Account and/or Scheme.