How do you get Diamond Camo on Call of Duty Mobile?

How do you unlock the Diamond Camo?

To unlock the diamond camo in Cold War, you need to unlock all gold camos in a particular weapon category which are assault rifles, submachine guns, tactical rifles, light machine guns, and sniper rifles. Unlocking the gold camos in assault rifles will unlock the diamond camo for all assault rifles as well.

Do you need gold camo to get Diamond Camo Codm?

Best method to unlock Diamond camo in COD Mobile

The first thing that players require to grind the Diamond camo on a weapon is to get the Gold camo first on the same weapon. Without the Gold camo unlocked, the grind for the Diamond camo cannot begin.

How do you get gold camo in Call of Duty Mobile?

Steps to unlock Gold Camo in COD Mobile Season 13:

  1. Step 1: Open the Game.
  2. Step 2: Click the ‘Loadout’ icon at the bottom of the main screen.
  3. Step 3: Click on PRIMARY WEAPON.
  4. Step 4: Choose the gun as per personal choice.
  5. Step 5: Click on GUNSMITH.
  6. Step 6: Click on CAMO.
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Do you need Damascus to get Diamond Camo?

Getting Diamond really isn’t tied in with Gold, Platinum, or Damascus like in previous years – unlocking other camos won’t get you this one. Instead, there’s a separate set of challenges that need to be completed. Read More: CoD Mobile Winter War patch notes – what’s new?

How do you unlock gold camo?

Starting off simple, to unlock the gold weapon camo on a certain gun all you have to do is complete each camo challenge on that gun. There are 10 in total, and once you’ve finished up the final one, the gold camo will automatically unlock.

Can you still get Diamond Camo in COD Mobile?

The 10 kills per match tasks are only for one weapon. So, if players really enjoy using the AK117, they can complete the task for that weapon alone and still unlock Diamond camo. It’s not like other Call of Duty titles, where Diamond camo involves players using each weapon in the class.

What season is COD Mobile now?

Witness the epic conclusion to a two-year story arc in Final Snow, the eleventh season of Call of Duty: Mobile for 2021. Season 11 brings the Icebreaker Multiplayer map, the PKM LMG and D13 Sector Launcher, the Munitions Box Operator Skill, Undead Siege — Nightmare mode, and plenty of holiday celebration.

How do you unlock Damascus camo in Mobile?

List Of Missions For Guns Needed To Unlock Damascus In COD Mobile

  1. Assault Rifles: Kill 600 enemies.
  2. Sub Machine Guns: Kill 400 enemies.
  3. Sniper Rifles: Kill 600 enemies.
  4. Light Machine Guns: Kill 400 enemies.
  5. Shotguns: Kill 300 enemies.
  6. Marksman: Kill 350 enemies.
  7. Pistols: Kill 200 enemies.
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What season is it in COD Mobile?

Even if they perform badly throughout a season, they’ll have the comfort of starting from scratch in the next one. CoD: Mobile seasons generally last around a month, and each comes with its own unique name.

The 2020 seasons.

Season Season name Start date
Season 13 Winter War Dec. 22, 2020