How do you style different necklaces?

Is it weird to wear multiple necklaces?

It’s fashionable to wear multiple necklaces, and they don’t all have to match. You don’t have to let your jewelry sit lonely at home. Wear several necklaces at once in an iconic style all your own. Here’s how to layer necklaces to get the most out of your jewelry and make a fashion statement.

How many necklaces should you layer?

The Rule of Three

To get the most from the layered necklace look, we recommend combining at least three pieces of varying lengths. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should limit yourself if you wish to wear more!

How do you style necklaces?

How to wear a necklace

  1. Keep it neat. Make sure the styles are congruent so your necklace blends with the rest of your outfit. …
  2. Keep it simple with busy tops. Wear simple and long necklaces when your outfit has a lot going on to prevent a confusing look.
  3. Don’t distract from your face. …
  4. Find your focus.

How should you layer chains?

How to Layer Necklaces Like a Pro

  1. Pick a centerpiece. Start with a main piece as the foundation of your layered look. …
  2. Choose complementing chains. While your chains don’t need to match, you should choose one theme. …
  3. Keep it simple. Mastering the layered look is easy when you stick to a few key pieces.
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How do you wear two necklaces at once?

The only tricky part of layering necklaces is getting them to all stay in place as you’re wearing them, but Always Judging blogger Courtney Trop has a solution for that: Put the clasp of the first necklace through the links of the second to keep them chained together so they don’t shift or tangle.

How can I wear multiple necklaces without tangling?

Wear a lightweight chain and layer it with a heavy chain or a chain that has a heavy pendant or charm. The different weights of the chains will make sure that each chain stays in its place and does not get tangled with the other. The most convenient way to keep the necklaces in place is to use a necklace detangler.

How do you make a layered necklace look?


Wear a heavy chain with an coin necklace for an on-trend look while showing off your neck with an off the shoulder shirt. Don’t ignore your options for choosing chains with different weights and textures: bead, cable, rope, snake, silver, etc.