How much jewelry did Marie Antoinette have?

The estimate for Marie Antoinette’s jewels is $2 to $4 million, but no one will be surprised if they sell for more. The bracelets, which are set with 112 diamonds weighing a total of approximately 145 carats, were very expensive when the Queen of France bought them in the spring of 1776.

How much was Marie Antoinette’s jewelry?

Marie Antoinette bought the two three-strand diamond bracelets in around 1776 from her personal jeweler Charles Auguste Boehmer for 250,000 livres, the modern-day equivalent of $4.6 million, according to historian Vincent Meylan.

What jewelry did Marie Antoinette wear?

The diamond bracelets that Marie Antoinette had to have — even if it meant borrowing a fortune from her husband. In January 1791, while Marie Antoinette was imprisoned in the Tuileries Palace in Paris, she secretly wrapped her finest jewels in cotton and stashed them away in a wooden chest.

How much did Marie Antoinette’s bracelets sell for?

Marie Antoinette’s bracelets sell at auction for $8 million

They sold for $8.2 million, the second highest price ever paid for a jewel belonging to Marie Antoinette, and the highest price for a diamond jewel with this provenance, according to Christie’s auction house.

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Does any of Marie Antoinette’s jewelry still exist?

Having no children of her own, she then bequeathed the Marie Antoinette jewelry to an adopted daughter and niece, and thus the jewels ended up in the royal family of the Duke of Parma, where they have been ever since.

How much did Marie-Antoinette diamonds sell for?

Marie-Antoinette’s diamond bracelets smash auction estimate, selling for $8.2 million. A pair of diamond bracelets once owned by Marie-Antoinette, the last queen of France, have been sold for $8.2 million at auction, smashing their pre-sale estimate.

How much did Marie-Antoinette spend on clothes?

Marie-Antoinette’s yearly budget for clothing was rumored to be close to $3.6 million in today’s value, according to Laurence Benaim, author of Fashion and Versailles.

Where is the diamond necklace of Marie Antoinette?

The affair of the diamond necklace, 1784-1785 | Palace of Versailles.

Is there really a Marie Antoinette necklace?

There was indeed an important diamond necklace in the history of Marie Antoinette, but it was never owned by the Queen and in fact, led to her demise. In 1772, King Louis XV commissioned an outlandish diamond necklace from Parisian jewellers Boehmer and Bassenge as a gift to his mistress.

Did Marie Antoinette have a tiara?

King Louis XVI gave Marie Antoinette a tiara for one of her birthdays which contained a ruby, a sapphire, an emerald and a diamond. It was so extravagant that she refused to wear it, calling it her crown of ruination, as the French public was starving and it presented her as apathetic towards them.

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Who sold Marie Antoinette bracelet?

The pair of silver and yellow gold bracelets are both made up of three strands and contain 112 diamonds. The stunning jewellery was sold by a mystery European royal family member at Christie’s auction in Geneva, Switzerland.

Who bought Marie Antoinette pearl?

The star lot at Sotheby’s Geneva show was bought after a fierce bidding war. It had been valued at about $2m. It was part of a major collection of jewellery sold by Italy’s royal Bourbon-Parma house.

What happened to the Marie Antoinette necklace?

The diamond necklace was commissioned by Louis XV of France for his mistress, Madame du Barry. At the death of the King, the necklace was unpaid for, which almost bankrupted the jewellers and then led to various unsuccessful schemes to secure a sale to Queen Marie Antoinette.