How old is tsunami from the Diamond family?

How old is the dad in Familia diamond?

The Diamond family lives in USA. Eric is 43 years old and he works in real estate development.

Who is Txunamys real dad?

Father Name Sdiezzel Ortiz
Brother Name Diezel Ortiz and Ranger Ortiz
Sister Name Solage Ortiz
Marital Status Single

How old is the mom of Familia diamond?

Esthalla Ortiz (born in 1993) is an American social media influencer, entertainer and content creator. She is famous for her family vlogs in the youtube channel ‘Familia Diamond. Her age is 27 years old.

How old is Slash from familiar diamonds?

Solage Ortiz was born on 16 October 2014. Solage Ortiz is 7 years old.

How old is Ortiz 2021?

Trivia. The age of Txunamy is 11 years old as of 2021. Her birthday is on March 23. Born in California, United States, she holds an American nationality and white ethnicity.

How old is tsunami Ortiz?

Born on 23 March 2009, Txunamy’s age is 12 years as of 2022. She was born and brought up in an upper-class family from California, United States. Her real name is Txunamy Ortiz.

Txunamy Wiki/Biography.

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Full Name Txunamy (Txunamy Ortiz)
Date of Birth 23 March 2009
Age 12 Years
Birth Place California, United States

Where does Familia Diamond Live Now 2021?

Familia Diamond live in Florida.

What age is Ranger Ortiz?

Ranger Ortiz was born on 26 October 2018. Ranger Ortiz is 3 years old.

What is Familia Diamond dad name?

Parents Esthallaa and Sdiezel run the channel, with kiddos Diezel, Solage, and their oldest, Txunamy, who amassed her own following on the recently shuttered and maintains a separate YouTube channel, where she has half a million subscribers of her own.

How old is Naz?

Naz Norris was born on 8 November 2010. Naz Norris is 11 years old.

How old is Txunamy little sister?

In addition, Naiomy is also known for the Instagram app. although, How old is Txunamy little sister? Diezel Ortiz is 9 years 8 months 18 days old.

What’s Txunamy real name?

Full Name Txunamy Ortiz
Date of Birth 23 March 2009
Age 11 Years
Birth Place California, United States

How old is biggy from the Norris nuts?

Biggy Norris was born on 30 January 2009. Biggy Norris is 13 years old.