Is all paparazzi jewelry $5?

With an extensive variety of jewelry and hair accessories and an ever-changing product line, Paparazzi offers something for just about everyone. At Paparazzi parties, everything is $5.00 (plus tax).

Can you buy paparazzi jewelry for less than $5?

If you are a Paparazzi consultant, you are not allowed to sell pieces for lower than the retail price, which is $5 for regular items, $1 for Starlet Shimmer, and $25 for Zi Collection pieces. … When you purchase inventory from Paparazzi, you pay the sales tax rate based off the retail price of $5 per piece.

How much is Paparazzi Jewelry?

You have to purchase a kit to join Paparazzi Jewelry. Your three options include: Preview Pack ($99): Includes 35 pieces of jewelry for $175 retail value. Small Home Party Kit ($299): Includes 120 pieces of jewelry for $600 retail value.

How much does Paparazzi Jewelry cost wholesale?

Each business day, new products are made available for purchase to consultants at the wholesale price of $2.75 per accessory. You pay for your inventory at the time of purchase.

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What is Paparazzi Jewelry free of?

Paparazzi earrings: Lead-free BUT positive for 2,985 ppm Antimony (+ Arsenic too). Antimony causes cancer in rats.

Can you sell Paparazzi Jewelry on Facebook marketplace?

On a site for which the Consultant is the sole administrator, s/he can post individual Paparazzi accessories for sale and the Consultant can go live. The Consultant on his/her business page can select the live shopping option and can select the Facebook Marketplace option.

Who is the top paparazzi consultant?

For the company’s top individual consultant Geraldine Souza, Paparazzi entered her life in the wake of a costly divorce that left her renting out the bedrooms in her home to make ends meet. For her, selling five-dollar jewelry as a side gig became her own personal challenge.

How much is a starter kit for paparazzi?

$99 Starter Kit – Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kit

Is has a 35 pieces of jewelry and accessories which is a retail value of over $175! And then on top of that, then you get display items, training materials and much more!

How much does the average Paparazzi consultant make?

Average Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant yearly pay in the United States is approximately $46,486, which is 28% below the national average.

How much does a Paparazzi Impressionista make?

In addition to the staggering cash bonus of $100,000, those who reach the rank of Iconic Impressionista will receive their stunning foil-embellished certificate framed for display, a box of Paparazzi pink forever roses engraved with their name, and a sleek oversized copy of the breathtaking $100,000 bonus check printed …

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Who is the owner of paparazzi jewelry?

Paparazzi founders Misty and Trent Kirby, and Chani and Ryan Reeve, continue to expand the company with hands-on leadership and clear purpose. They individually design and source materials for Paparazzi products while working directly with manufacturing partners to create the fashion-forward results.

Is Paparazzi Jewelry 100% lead and nickel free?

Paparazzi jewelry is required to undergo testing for compliance with California’s Proposition 65, which includes testing for all heavy metals including lead, nickel, cadmium as well as phthalates. California’s Proposition 65 is one of the most stringent consumer laws in the US, and Paparazzi’s jewelry complies with …

Does Paparazzi use real stones?

Paparazzi offers quartz, moonstone, and various semi-precious faux stones and a variety of rhinestones including hematite, pyrite, onyx, opal. Our products are in a vast array of finishes and settings. There is a rainbow of faux turquoise stone (likely howlite) with a crackle, veined finish.

Is paparazzi jewelry really lead free?

Despite Paparazzi’s promises of lead and nickel-free jewelry, their $5 product was no exception to the dangers. … These results confirmed their worst fears about the pieces of jewelry. Pieces of Paparazzi jewelry tested positive for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and nickel.