Is Effy Jewellery good quality?

Is Effy jewelry good quality?

Definitely Not. Although there have been many allegations regarding the credibility of Effy Jewelry, the truth is that, Effy is a trustworthy and reputed name globally in wedding diamond online jewelry. Effy provides amazing skills of artistry and exclusive packages to new as well as retaining customers.

Does Effy jewelry hold its value?

No. It is just a personal matter of if you believe that their jewelry is worth their lifespan. We will leave you to be the judge to answer the age-old question on whether you believe Effy is a good quality brand for you.

Is Effy jewelry real gold?

From everyday pieces to statement-making styles, EFFY fine jewelry has the perfect design to commemorate each one of life’s treasured moments. Genuine gemstones, vivid, earth-mined diamonds, all set in 14k and gold.

What is Effy jewelry known for?

Known for vividly colored gemstones and strong feminine mystique, Effy jewelry is inspired by the creative genius of this professionally trained engineer. Effy’s passion for high-level craftsmanship is matched only by his commitment to manufacturing excellence.

Where is Effy jewelry manufactured?

Yes, we manufacture a majority of our product in the U.S., right here in New York City. We do have partners overseas for certain product. Having the manufacturing here in the U.S. allows for better oversight of the designs, quality and a quick turnaround by myself and team.

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Where is Effy Jewellery made?

All Effy Jewelry pieces are made in the United States, ensuring that jewelers from the company can be involved in the process from start to finish. The company says they use more than 150,000 carats of precious gemstones each year, making sure they’re always of the highest caliber.

Are jewelry good investments?

People often ask, is jewelry a good investment? In short, the answer is yes. Fine jewelry may become more financially valuable as the years go by, but more importantly, it becomes a personal emblem with unquantifiable emotional value.

What is BH Effy?

Effie Calavaza. EFFY. Hallmark(s): “Effy”, “BH” Information: Jewelry designer and manufacturer founded in 1979 by Effy Hematian. Works in gold and silver.

Where is Levian jewelry made?

The company maintains factories in the United States, Italy, China, and Thailand, and relies on each country’s specialty (i.e., Thailand for cutting stones, Italy for gold work) to dictate which pieces are made where.

Is Effy jewelry handmade?

Jewelry at the Effy store in Aruba is handcrafted with diamonds, tanzanite, colorful gemstones and rich metals that are made with exquisite craftsmanship.

Who is Effy jewelry designer?

Since 1979, jewelry designer Effy Hematian has been creating the world’s most distinctive pieces. Each Effy piece is expertly crafted with the wearer in mind. Effy has a passion for exquisite craftsmanship that is apparent in each and every ring, bracelet, necklace, and more.