Quick Answer: Is Emerald Isle NC open to visitors?

All our public beach accesses with parking lots and bath houses remain closed. Travel to Emerald Isle from outside of Carteret County for leisure or recreation is prohibited.

Is it safe to go to Emerald Isle NC?

Is Emerald Isle, NC Safe? The C- grade means the rate of crime is slightly higher than the average US city. Emerald Isle is in the 37th percentile for safety, meaning 63% of cities are safer and 37% of cities are more dangerous. … The rate of crime in Emerald Isle is 32.63 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

Can you go on the beach at Emerald Isle?

Beach vehicle access ramps are located at the 3000 block of Ocean Drive (the “dog-leg”), the end of Black Skimmer Drive, the end of Doe Drive and at The Point. Dunes are the Town’s first line of defense in storms and hurricanes. Climbing on the dunes is not permitted. Fires are not permitted on the beach strand.

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Is there a curfew in Emerald Isle?

It is illegal to move around Emerald Isle or leave your property during the curfew hours. Residents and property owners should remain on your own property between 8 pm and 8 am, and non-residents and contractors may only be in Emerald Isle between 8 am and 8 pm daily. Be Safe On The Beach Strand!

Can you drive on the point at Emerald Isle?

No driving is allowed on the beach without an official Town of Emerald Isle beach driving permit. A beach driving permit may be purchased at the Emerald Isle Police Department at 7500 Emerald Drive between the hours of 10am and 9pm or online by visiting www.emeraldisle-nc.org/beach-driving .

Are there alligators in Emerald Isle North Carolina?

Wild animals abound on most barrier islands, and Emerald Isle is no exception. The Town is home to raccoons, opossums, foxes, squirrels, deer and an occasional bear and alligator.

Does Emerald Isle have a boardwalk?

Boardwalk to the Sound – Picture of Emerald Isle, North Carolina Coast.

Is Emerald Isle closed?

All our public beach accesses with parking lots and bath houses remain closed. Travel to Emerald Isle from outside of Carteret County for leisure or recreation is prohibited. Q. … But, all of our public beach access with parking lots remain closed.

Does Emerald Isle have public restrooms?

A number of Emerald Isle beach access areas are available to the public. Many of these access points have restrooms and shower facilities for your convenience. 305 Ocean Dr. 299 Islander Dr.

Is Emerald Isle beach free?

The maximum all-day fee in Emerald Isle is $16, but it will be less during the lower-priced time periods. Town residents will still get to park free, as will anyone with handicapped or disabled veteran status.

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How far is Emerald Isle from the beach?

Just east of Atlantic Beach is Beaufort, which is about 20 minutes from Emerald Isle, and Harker’s Island, which is about 30 minutes from Emerald Isle. Morehead City can be found a few miles north of Atlantic Beach. Learn more about the beaches along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast to see what fun awaits you.

Is there jellyfish in Emerald Isle?

Emerald Isle on many occasions experiences Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish along our beach strand. This is due in part to our southern facing beach and our prevailing SW winds. Portuguese Man-O-War looks like blue/purple balloons floating on the surface of the water, their tentacles can reach up to 50′ long.

Are dogs allowed on Emerald Isle Beach?

Dogs are permitted on the beach strand, but must be kept on a leash at all times. Dog excrement must be collected and removed from the beach strand. Trash containers are located at each public beach access on both the beach and street sides.

Can you drive a golf cart on the beach in Emerald Isle?

Golf carts are strictly prohibited from traveling on NC 58 (Emerald Drive) and Coast Guard Road, however, golf carts are permitted to cross directly in a straight line from one side of NC 58 and Coast Guard Road to the other side.

Do you need a permit to drive on the beach in the Outer Banks?

A beach driving permit is required for driving on all Outer Banks beaches, except the northern 4WD beaches of Carova. Permits are available from the National Park Service for driving in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, or from the respective towns, (like Nags Head or Kill Devil Hills), in the central Outer Banks.

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Can you drive on Pine Knoll Shores beach?

Where is beach driving prohibited on the Crystal Coast? Beach driving is not allowed on the southernmost island of the Cape Lookout National Seashore, (aka the Shackleford Banks), as well as the towns and communities of Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Salter Path, and Indian Beach.