What are the different types of jewelry clasps?

What is the strongest type of clasp?

In general, the most secure clasps are the lobster, hook and spring ring clasps, which are used for most necklaces and bracelets. Having said that, most designers tend to choose the best clasp based on the design and durability of the piece, taking the pros and cons of each clasp type into consideration.

Is lobster or spring clasp better?

A lobster claw clasp has a tiny spring in its mechanism that keeps the arm closed until you push on the lever. Lobster claws are secure clasps that are popular for bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. They’re somewhat easier to open and close by yourself than spring ring clasps are.

What does a barrel clasp look like?

Barrel (aka Torpedo) Clasps are low-profile clasps with threading, which are twisted to open and to close. See also screw clasps. Bead Clasps look like a bead, with a magnet, tab or bayonet closure. They blend in when closed, allowing the design to visually flow uninterrupted around the piece.

What are the different clasps for bracelets?

Clasps for Bracelets and Necklaces

  • Toggle Clasps.
  • Lobster Clasps.
  • Magnetic Clasps.
  • Hook & Eye Clasps.
  • Ball Chain Connectors.
  • Barrel Clasps.
  • Box Clasps.
  • Clasps for Cord & Leather.
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What are necklace clasps called?

Classic Jewelry Clasp Types

Ball clasp — Also called a bead clasp, a ball clasp is a round, spherical jewelry fastener. Sometimes adorned with gemstones or texturing, ball clasps provide a decorative closure which flows with the design of a necklace or bracelet.

Are magnetic jewelry clasps secure?

A magnetic jewelry clasp is often easier to use than other jewelry closure methods. Because it opens and closes with magnets, the jewelry is secure but can also be easily removed by pulling apart the magnetic closures. This is extremely convenient for individuals with arthritis or limited dexterity.

What is a parrot clasp?

A lobster clasp also known as a lobster hook, or parrot clasp, it is a fastener that is held closed by a spring. The lobster clasp is opened or closed by holding a small lever, usually with a fingernail, long enough to apply, then it is attached (or removed from) a short link-chain, end tag or a ring.

What is the strongest gold chain clasp?

All curb link chains are among the strongest gold chain necklace designs, but the Cuban link is the strongest of all because of its thickness. The unmistakable feature of a Cuban chain is the flat, interlocking, twisted oval links.

What is a bolo clasp?

The bolo is an adjustable sliding mechanism that allows the wearer to easily customize the wear and fit. Bolo bracelets comfortably fit most wrists. The adjustable closure ensures your bracelet fits perfectly on the wrist and remains secured until you’re ready to take it off.

What type of clasp is on a tennis bracelet?

Spring Ring Clasp: This clasp is the most common type of jewelry clasp you’ll find in necklaces and bracelets. This clasp features a gold ring with a spring mechanism that is triggered by pulling back a small lever. This clasp type is elegant, versatile and secure – perfect for the tennis bracelet.

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What does a spring ring clasp look like?

Spring ring clasps have a tiny spring inside, springing them back closed after you open them. Spring rings are popular for bracelets and choker necklaces, and their size works well for jewelry strung with small beads.

How do necklace clasps work?

Each end of the metal clasp features a magnet. When the two ends are placed near each other, the magnets pull them shut. To open the clasp, you slide your fingernail between the two parts. These closures are usually made of base metal and are sometimes plated with precious metals.

What is the most secure clasp for hoop earrings?


The latch clasp is very secure and durable, making it particularly great for accommodating larger hoops. We recommend that you wear latch huggies on your first earring holes, as they tend to be bigger than endless and hinge huggies.