What should I engrave on friendship jewelry?

What is a good message to engrave?

Best Engraving Quotes for Anniversaries

  • The best is yet to come.
  • Love means forever.
  • Always and forever.
  • You’re still the one.
  • Forever yours.
  • For all time.
  • Life partner.
  • Let’s grow old together.

What should you engrave on a pendant?

If you want to engrave memorial jewelry to honor your loved one, then check out these engraving ideas.

  • We Were Together. I Forgot the Rest.
  • Remembered With Love.
  • She Walked in Beauty.
  • Forever In My Heart.
  • We’ll Always Remember You.
  • You’ll Always Be in Our Hearts.

What should I engrave on my locket?

What To Engrave On a Locket:

  • Family, Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends.
  • Love You To The Moon and Back.
  • Home is Where The Heart is.
  • All You Need is Love.
  • Love is Family.

What should I engrave on the necklace?

Here are our customer’s favorite necklace engravings:

  • Longitude and Latitude of a Meaningful Location.
  • Your Own Name.
  • Important Date.
  • Nickname.
  • Inspirational Word.
  • Grandchildren’s Names.
  • Significant Other’s Name.
  • Roman Numeral Date.

What do you write on a friendship bracelet?

Here are some of our favourite engraving ideas:

  1. You are enough.
  2. You have the best smile.
  3. You inspire me.
  4. Nothing can stop you.
  5. Double trouble.
  6. Lucky to have you.
  7. Laughter, fun & friendship.
  8. Blessed to have you.

What should I engrave for ideas?

Engraving Ideas for your Boyfriend, Husband or Groom

  • Sorry, he’s taken.
  • My heart is yours.
  • Forever yours.
  • Stuck with me.
  • The future is ours.
  • My prisoner forever.
  • Legally mine.
  • Yours forever.
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